Today’s Intention

To honour and work with my inner elements to help balance them.

I recently did a workshop with the lovely Ashantara Gray ~ The Celtic Faery Seer where we worked on our Fire element.  This was over a week ago now and since then there has been a lot of internal processing going on.  To be truthful I have had some very angry thoughts and feelings buzzing around inside of me, dare I say it, I even felt feelings of jealousy and injustice.  I did not understand these feelings or why they were coming up for me until I remembered my work with fire.  I have suppressed these feelings for a while now, not honouring or being aware of any inner turmoil, so when I started working with the energies of fire, those suppressed energies rose like an angry dragon who had been chained and left alone inside his cave. 

I spoke with the dragon within me and asked him to help me, work with me, with the other aspects of me, Earth, Water and Air.  At first he was not happy to do so as I had disregarded him for so long, punished him and restrained him… I apologised for all I have done and spoke to him about the error of my ways, I promised to honour him and asked, once again, for him to work with the other aspects of myself in balance and unity.  He then agreed.

This to you may all sound a little strange, or it may not.  What I do know is if you do not honour the elements that are within you, if you do not treat them with respect, if you do not let them flow they will break free, they will become overpowering, causing Tsunamis Earthquakes, Tornadoes and Erupting Volcanoes, from within…  My Volcano was full flow for a while this week but now I work with that volcano, I understand it’s need for eruption and I bring in my other elements to help soothe it…  As all of this has come into my awareness I have decided today to honour my elements in little ways…

  • Water – To take a shower with the intention to cleanse and clear
  • Air – To communicate with truth and honesty
  • Earth – To do the Tree of Life Meditation to honour my roots and my connection to Mother Earth
  • Fire – To light a candle to remind me the power of the internal flame


Achievements of Yesterday

  • I spent time allowing my thoughts to be free
  • I took time out for myself, journaling, free writing, resting
  • I let my husband get closer to me, honouring mine and his needs
  • I came up with some ideas to help me live out my dreams

Please join me in sharing or even just thinking about your achievements of yesterday, for they are important and it’s perfectly ok to share how wonderful YOU are!!!

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At the start of this year I decided that I would honour myself, if something stood out at me I would grab it, if I had to express something then I would allow it to flow… so when I was on Facebook a post popped up from the wonderful Amy Palko sharing that she was tutoring, I instantly thought ‘I’d love that!’ so I got in touch, asking her if she would tutor me!!  To my delight she agreed and the Creative Writing tutoring commenced… I had no idea what to expect other than I knew that doing this would be the key to unlock my words and my expression from within me… I have only had one session with Amy and already I can feel a difference… Her first assignment for me was to write 3 pages every morning of continuous (or free) writing, so, like the good little student I am, I have been doing this and what doors it is opening for me!

Today’s writing was something rather special, as with most mornings I have no idea what I’m going to write until my pencil hits the paper and then miraculously it just flows…

Today I wrote about my achievements.  I played with why we don’t see our daily achievements, why we tend to focus on our lacks.  As my pencil flowed over my note pad I started to write down the things I have achieved, the small things and the big things.

I could see how helpful it was for me to formalise these things in writings, bringing them up into my conscious, I saw this to be a healing process and part of this process, I knew was to share these with you, the beautiful people I share my heart with!

I started by writing down my intention for today (something which I also do every morning) and then how achieving this intention would make me feel.  Today’s intention was to blog about my achievements.  How did that make me feel?

  • Apprehensive
  • Scared
  • Worried it will look like bragging

As I wrote those words I found it very interesting that writing this blog wouldn’t make me feel:

  • Good about myself
  • Inspired
  • Empowered

Why is it we feel it is ‘wrong’ to share in our achievements?  So I looked at the word achievement and came to the realisation that the meaning of this word for me is  A goal which has reached its destination now this could be anything, but here are a few of my own:

  • I have set up a group named Spirited which brings people together, to share, to experience energy work and to empower each other, I have also done this online through Facebook with The Starlight Community Group.
  • I have worked through two heart breaking experiences of last year, while remaining true to myself.
  • I didn’t give up on myself or on my dreams during the dark times, of which there were many.
  • I honour myself, trust myself and believe in myself more and more each day (a daily achievement)
  • I share myself, my energy and my love with so many people.
  • I give a little of myself everyday through my Card for Today Readings.

Above is just a few of the things I have achieved in these last few months.  Sometimes I forget to see what I have actually done, focussing more on what I feel needs to be done.  I forget that daily… I touch peoples hearts, I share my story in order for others to share, so at the end of each day I have promised myself that I will write down my achievements for that day.  For every day there are many, small things like listening to my kids,  seeing the beauty in the everyday, all of these small achievements really make huge changes in our lives.

If you would like to honour yourself and your achievements in this way too, please feel free to comment on my daily achievement blogs, it is a safe space for you to share and ask questions.  I would also like to invite you to join us over at The Starlight Community on Facebook this is a wonderful and safe space for you to be you, to talk to other people, to ask questions and to share in who you are.

By publishing this post today I have completed my intention for today and I have certainly achieved, it may not seem like a huge one but it is one small step in connecting, honouring and loving all that I am….

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